Ep 7. Disordered Eating in Female Athletes: Our Journeys
The Pretty Fast PodcastMarch 27, 202401:21:5675.82 MB

Ep 7. Disordered Eating in Female Athletes: Our Journeys

On this week's episode, the girls share stories from their personal journeys with disordered eating stemming from their time as competitive track athletes. Their conversation covers what it looked like, the long-term impacts, and how they're still working to overcome these unhealthy habits and mindset blocks today. PLUS: We lighten things up with a discussion of the best girl scout cookies and whether the Bachelor is still worth watching.
If you or someone you know is struggling with the issues featured on this episode, the Alliance for Eating disorders hotline offers resources/support to help on the road to recovery: 866-662-1235.

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